Finding a daycare is hard. There is no other way to describe it. From trying to find someone you can trust, to being able to even afford it-it’s all a little heartbreaking. The part I have issue with finding daycare the most is finding the trust. How could you ever find someone you trust with […]

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Best Disney World Update

…or at least I think so… Disney World is a magical place. I’ve said this before and Imma stick with it. From the unique and classic rides, to the perfectly themed resorts even the restaurants are fantastic(don’t get me started on the restaurants, I could go on forever!)! The only thing that has always ruined […]

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It’s official!

I finally have a 1 year old! It’s crazy to think only a year ago I was laying in the hospital barely able to move after an emergency c-section and not entirely sure what to do when a baby cries. I’ve learned and experienced a lot this past year and know I will learn and […]

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